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Peștera - the village among the clouds

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Last weekend I made a small getaway and discovered the picturesque area around the villages of Peștera and Măgura (Brașov county). The charm of the road is the first reason why it is worth a visit here, at high altitude, in the Piatra Craiului Mountains. From Bran, the road climbs steeply, and the landscapes sit at your feet to the Piatra Craiului Natural Park, on a climb of about 20 minutes. It seemed to me one of the most beautiful roads I have traveled. The landscape, the traditional villages, the old houses, and nature will leave you speechless. Absolutely amazing area regardless of the season or the weather.

How do you get to Peştera village?

On DN 73 / E574, coming from Râșnov - Bran, in Moieciu de Jos, turn right and continue on DJ 112G. From here you can continue your way to Măgura and Zărneşti. Peştera village is located 180 km from Bucharest and at approximately 1200 m altitude and is positioned exactly at the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Where do you stay and where do you eat in Peştera village?

The village is full of houses with offers for all budgets, according to preferences and availability. Many of the guesthouses offer both accommodation and meals. I stayed at Tăbăcaru Pension and I definitely recommend it, not only for the view and hospitality but also for the zipline on one of the longest and highest back and forth zipline routes in the country, which I particularly enjoyed.

What can you do in Peştera village?

Enjoy nature!

Walk the streets of the village, look into the distance, take a deep breath of fresh air and rest! The gentle, colorful peaks contrast with the limestone peaks of the mountains surrounding the village. The beauty and authenticity of the area are perfect to capture the most beautiful photos in nature!

Visit the church in Peştera village

Located right on the main road in Peştera village, the beauty of the place is also found in the simplicity with which this place was built. There is complete silence here and the white walls of the church fit perfectly into the picturesque image of the place.

Explore Bat Cave (also called Great Cave)

Although we did not visit it, it's a landmark worth mentioning. Located in Peștera village (slightly hidden by the main road), Bat Cave has the status of a national natural monument and is part of the special protection area of the "Piatra Craiului" Park. Several very rare species of bats live in the cave, and human access can affect their habitat. That is why this cave is undeveloped and discussions are underway to restrict tourist access.

What can you do near the village of Peștera?

Bike tours

I chose walking or driving, but on the way, I met many cyclists. The Peştera-Măgura-Șirnea area is extremely appreciated because you can easily travel the bike routes! The landscapes are beautiful, the area is extremely quiet, and the roads are ideal for both experienced and beginners. You can make a bike route to the village of Măgura, located nearby (the village of Pestera) or you can venture for a longer route to Cabana Curmătura, located at 1470 m altitude, on the way to the ridge of the Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Discover the village of Magura and the Zărnești Precipices

The road from Peștera to Măgura was ASTONISHING. Being autumn, the colors of the forest were completely special, making this experience even more special, giving the landscapes an authentic beauty. The village of Magura, with wooden houses lined up here and there on the hills, animals grazing quietly in the field, narrow roads, clean air and complete silence and calm complete the experience with a picturesque note. The village of Măgura is very close to the Zărnești Precipices. It is a splendid area, where you have the feeling that a narrow road splits the mountain in two and makes your way. From Măgura to the entrance to the Zărnești Precipices there is about 6 km in which you can enjoy a leisurely walk among the rocks.

Trekking to Cabana Curmătura

There are two possible routes to get from Cheile Zărneștilor to Cabana Curmătura. From Cheile Zărneștilor, one of the routes starts from Botorog's Fountain and the other from the other end of the keys. If you choose this route, we urge you to climb one and return to the other. The route is also recommended for beginners!

Enjoy the landscapes of Cheile Dâmbovicioarei, Șirnea and Ciocanu villages

Nearby are the villages of Cheile Dâmbovicioarei and Șirnea. Cheile Dâmbovicioarei is a real spectacle of nature, with high rocks on either side of the road. In the gorges, you will also find the Dâmbovicioara Cave that is worth visiting (it is also of interest for children, especially since there is a guide who will guide you). Șirnea is a village as picturesque and beautiful as Peştera and Măgura.

From Zărneşti you can go back to Bran through Predelut, without returning through Peștera; a complete circuit BRAN - MOIECIU - PEȘTERA - MĂGURA - ZĂRNEȘTI - PREDELUȚ - BRAN.

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